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July 22nd Blog. New kit and updates

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We have welcomed new equipment to the company recently to allow us to remove obstruction from drainage systems more efficently,  the jetting attachments include a Warthog,  this equipment spins slowly under control directing its angled straight jets to the walls of the pipework, this kit is used for removing roots and hard deposits such as grease,  the other nozzle shown in the pics is a chain flail cutter,  this was added to our arsenal of jets to remove concrete / mortar from a drain in Heswall, Wirral,  The jet spins at a high Rpm removing hard obstructions with its frontal blades then chain flails on the mid section,  we also use this jet to remove heavy scale and rusting to underground pipes including cast iron.   In addition to the two jets mentioned above we have replaced and upgarded some of our exsing kit to be used with our van pack and high volume jetting unit. 

Our surveying department can now provide accurate depths from our camera equipment with the latest Cscope locator picking up the radio signals given out by our drainage cameras,   this system is ideal for drain tracing,  build over agreement surveys,   defect locating and pre excavation checks. 

We have been very busy since our last blog,   as an approved SSIP contractor we have been carrying out lots of surveys for Welsh Water assesment,   then compleing the repairs or new sewer connections. 

Our reactive jetting teams have been working throughout North Wales,  The Wirral & Chester solving problems with blockages for domestic and commercial clients. 

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