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Drain Relining Services

Drain Relining Services

Drains Today Ltd us the latest No Dig technologies to reline drainage systems

Drains Today Ltd specialise in dealing with removal of roots from drainage systems, drain repairs and relining.

This is often the most cost effective and least disruptive method of repair

Lining repairs involve simply installing a new pipe within the old one restoring the integrity and flow of the drain with minimal disruption without excavation.

Benefits of Drain Relining

  • Excavation is not required
  • Prevents Root Intrusion
  • Increases Flow Rate
  • Less downtime and disruption compared to excavated
  • Different Lengths of Drain Liner can be inserted
  • Localised lining repairs can be installed without blanking off incoming drains

Before a lining repair can be completed a camera inspection is required to assess the condition of the drain, we can then advise if a lining repair is the best method of repair.

In some instances where the drain has collapsed for example traditional excavation would be required.

How the process works

Drain relining consists of impregnating a polyester liner with resin and inserting it into the drain. The lining sleeve is then internally inflated with air inversion allowing the three part resin mix to cure, hardening and sealing within the drain. Once cured the air inversion packer is removed.

This process covers holes, cracks and fractures within the pipe, as well as open, displaced joints and root intrusion. By repairing the drain this way, it seals the drain and also improves the structural integrity of the pipeline at the same time

Drain Relining Before and After